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My name is Gabi. I'm about to be a biology major in Canada. I'm more or less an INTP.

This is stuff I feel like posting. I like science, MBTI/cognitive functions which I sometimes like to pretend are science, terrible puns, books, and a number of other things.

There will be whiny personal posts and mostly confusing posts about my indecisive cultural/religious/sexual/everything identities. Also a bunch of other things.

Quality varies widely. Everything varies widely. Sorry. (I also apologize too much)




i havent seen ANYONE discuss what fox news said about muslims. and the growing tension towards muslims after news stations saying they’re scared of ISIS sleeper cells in the US (because muslims are always, always targeted and bombarded with surveillance and locked up and killed under false pretenses of terrorism when this happens) and it fucking scares me so fucking much.

don’t ignore me.

fucking reblog this and pay attention to it bc these ppl are talking about murdering my friends. 

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ESFP: Can I smoke this?

ISTP: No, I’m not a serial killer.

INTJ: Are you wrong or am I right?

ESTJ: Doing nothing out of the ordinary since the beginning of time

ESTP: Hold my beer…

ISFJ: I’m sorry, eh?

ISTJ: Bureaucracies give me hard-ons

ENTJ: No, you don’t understand, I really am a Nigerian Prince!

ENTP: It’s only game. Why you heff to be mad?

ISFP: Can I smoke this while listening to Drake?

INFP: Why is nobody interested in the special snowflake things I’m interested in? :(

ESFJ: muh feelings, muh social norms

ENFP: holds up spork

INTP: Where are my underpants?

ENFJ: muh feelings, muh humanistic values

INFJ: whimpers quietly

note to self to do some research on microbiomes and esp. vaginal microbiomes because wow so interesting!!!


Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means. Man I’m so horny today. Sorry. I’m sorry. I feel so bad. I just came out and said it. Inappropriate. What do you like to do when you’re horny? One feminist to another. Just normal feminist over here. What do you think of this unlabelled image of my cock? I sent it to you titled “image.PNG”. Are you surprised by its girth? I apologize. How rude of me. I’m so sorry. I really need to get better at this I’m sorry. I’m learning so much. All humans must go through growth and I know that better than anyone, I mean I’m in a women’s studies class right now. Liveblogging my women’s studies class.

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  1. 01jdog said: I’m more concerned about the fact that you are blissfully unaware I was born on the 22nd


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Thanks, 01jdog whose birthday is today!!!!

1. Name?
2. URL? planetaryelastic (shouldn’t that be obvious)
3. Blog title?
 Can I Think About Titles Later? (I never ended up thinking about them)
4. Significant other/crushes?
 I have a boyfriend who I may sometimes mention. I have massive friend crushes on many of you. 
5. Favorite colour(s)? I like lots of colours! Right now I’m feeling sea-foam green or lilac. 
7. Favorite band? i dont know i listen to lots of things i dont have favourites. look up penguin cafe orchestra for instrumental stuff that will make you feel happy though.
8. Favorite number?
 i like prime numbers and perfect squares
9. Favorite beverage? watermelon which is technically not a beverage but has a high enough water content to almost be?
10. Tag 10 people? i will not tag people but do this if you wanna





Planned protest outside Cambridge Synagogue to “encourage” local Jews to take a stance on Gaza

To target Diaspora Jews with this, as if they have ANYTHING to do with Israeli policy, is an inherently antisemitic act. Diaspora Jews have nothing to do with anything Israel does, because they are not citizens of Israel, do not live in Israel, and do not vote in Israel, any more than any other citizen of any other country does.

It doesn’t matter if no one there shouts slurs, or has any “questionable” signs, the fact that they are specifically targeting JEWS with this action shows they cannot distinguish between policies of a country, and an ethnoreligious minority.

This is the kind of shit that makes Jews worldwide feel targeted and unsafe. And it’s because we are being targeted. 

"Our visible silence points to guilt, forgiving, and forgetting" - no, it points to your deliberate targeting of an ethnic minority based on the fact that they share ethnic ties to a country they don’t actually have anything to do with.

This is shitty activism.

Would they do this to a church? Nope! No, antizionism =/= antisemitism, but you cannot complain about Jews stating that line is blurred, if not outright crossed, with a lot of activism, when you purposely target Jews and put pressure on them that you would not with a gentile. 

And don’t think I didn’t notice that it was scheduled right before the synagogue would have likely scheduled its evening shabbat services, so that y’all can target the maximum amount of Jews.  

Watch how long that silence lasts when they don’t get their desired result.